SBI Accidental Insurance Policy 1000 Rs

In this article SBI Accidental Insurance Policy 1000 Rs Details have been explained. In which this policy provides the holder a cover of accidental death and disability for one year for Rs 1000 with a maximum cover of Rs 20 lakh.

SBI General Insurance at Rs 1000 per year offers motor insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, sbi accident insurance and home insurance along with other insurances to its customers like –

(Aviation Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance, Package Insurance, Construction and Engineering Insurance, Liability Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Group Personal Accident Insurance and Business Insurance) enabling customers to avail their following policies from one place .

In the article below, we will only try to better understand the value you get on SBI 1000 Rupees Insurance and its key benefits, features. Let us know what benefits you will get from this policy and whether you should take an accident policy of SBI Bank for yourself.

SBI Accidental Insurance Policy 1000 Rs (SBI General Insurance Rs 1000 per year)

For personal accident, SBI Insurance issues two types of policies for Rs 1000 per year, the first is the Individual Personal Accidental Policy which covers one person for accident protection and the second is the Group Personal Accidental Policy which covers the life of the insured along with his Also provides accident protection cover to families.

SBI Bank provides accident cover at very low prices, it gives you 4 types of policies.

  1. First, if you pay Rs 100 as your annual premium, you get a cover of Rs 2 lakh.
  2. Secondly, for Rs 200 you get a cover of Rs 4 lakh.
  3. Thirdly, instead of Rs 500 you get a cover of Rs 10 lakh.
  4. Fourth, instead of a premium of Rs 1000, you get an annual premium of Rs 20 lakh.

SBI 1000 Rupees Insurance Plancovers death and disability in case of an accidentif the holder of the insurance policy meets with sudden death in an accident. Or in case of total disability, the insured gets a fixed amount of SBI Accident Insurance.

Let us tell you here that if the policy holder dies, then his nominee receives the insurance benefit and if the insured person becomes disabled during an accident, then the fixed amount of insurance is given to the holder. This policy prescribes plans for the following amounts, details of which are explained further below.

Why should one take personal accidental insurance cover?

Today, with the growing economythe number of two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles is increasing, causing accidents to people. Making the situation even more serious.

In this world of danger, it has become extremely important to keep you and your loved ones safe. If a person dies in an accident then the finances of that person’s house can be adversely affected.

We make more and more people aware about accident safety through our articles. If any accident happens to you, your family will not suffer any financial loss and they will not have to face much trouble.

To manage your finances due to an accident, SBI gives you Accident Insurance cover which provides financial assistance in case of death or disability of the insured person, which you must do.

Why Choose Personal Accidental Insurance?

Following are the reasons you need to know for taking a personal accident policy –

→ If you are an earning person in your family then it becomes important for you to take this policy because if you die suddenly in an accident then your family can easily overcome their financial crisis with the policy insurance provided by SBI policy. Can settle.

→ In case of disability due to accident, be it semi disability or total disability, we take care of your financial loss and lifestyle. Due to which you can handle the losses in your finances through insurance benefits. This insurance acts as your guide in times of crisis.

→ In today’s time, due to the increasing number of road vehicles, accidents have become easy and no one knows what accident might happen to which person, therefore, if you keep insurance cover for yourself, then it can be a wise decision.

→ Through SBI Personal Accident Policy, you can get more coverage at a lower price which will be sufficient for you.

These were some important reasons for taking your accident policy which was very important for you to know –

How many types of SBI 1000 Rupees Insurance are there?

SBI Accidental Insurance 1000 Rs Individual sbi accident insurance plans offered by –

SBI General InsuranceThe company provides two types of personal accidental plans to the customer, in which the first policy is Group Personal Accidental Plan and the second is Individual Personal Accidental Plan.

Let us discuss these two plans in detail to understand them better in the article below –

1.) SBI Group Personal Accident Insurance Plan

SBI 1000 Rupees Insurance is a comprehensive personal accident policy that covers its customers against accidental death, disability but also covers financial loss due to any kind of accident.

This policy is provided only to bank customers, that is, if you have any type of account (savings account, fixed deposit account, loan account, current account) in SBI Bank.

So you can get the benefit of this policy, if you do not have an account in the bank then you cannot get this policy SBI Credit Card Statement Password Kya Hai go.

The features of the insurance plan under Group Personal Accidental Cover are as follows:

→ Group insurance plans cover loss of life as a result of an accident as per the rules.

→ Customer can select the sum assured as per his needs.

→ There are four coverage options as per the policy in SBI Bank and out of which you can choose any one coverage as per your needs.

→ The plan can also be taken on both individual and family floater basis.

→ If suppose you have not made any claim in any year, then here you are given the benefit of no claim if you make a claim in the next year i.e. you will get the sum assured in the next year An increase of 5% is made and you will be able to enjoy a maximum profit of up to 50% on each clam.

→ Along with the policy, you are also given add-on benefits, which you can avail on your premium along with options in coverage.

Coverage under SBI General Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Coverage is allowed as per the policy for the following contingencies –

Table A : If you die due to an accident, 100% of the sum assured is paid. Be it accidental death or permanent total disability, you are given cover of 100% amount.
Table B : In case of accidental death, 100% disability, permanent partial disability, 100% of the sum assured is paid to the victim by the company.

Add-on under Individual Personal Accidental Insurance Plan

SBI Accident Insurance: Add-on benefits are also covered as per the policy chosen by you from the following plans. Along with this, you are able to avail benefits through add-ons to the following benefits prescribed in your policy. The add-ons available under SBI 1000 Rupees Insurance are displayed in the following categories.

Hospital Confinement Allowance (Hospital Confinement Allowance) : If you are admitted to the hospital for treatment of an accident and you are confined for more than 24 hours If you are getting treatment on time, then you are paid a daily allowance of Rs 1000 to Rs 3000 in this add-on benefit.

Ambulance Charges including Air Ambulance As per this add-on when you use Road Ambulance or Air Ambulance to go to hospital Or to bring back the dead body from the hospital to the place of birth, here the fee cost is covered in the policy. You can avail this benefit at 10% of your sum assured and maximum of Rs 1 lakh. Are allowed to get up to.


To buy this policy, you must be an Indian resident who must have a savings account in State Bank of India or a current account in any of its associated banks, then you can get this policy.

The age limit of the policy holder should be between 18-65 years.

Eligibility Conditions for Individual Personal Accidental Insurance Plan

Individual Personal Accidental Insurance
Where can I get the policyImportant points of the policyFollowing features of the policy
Only Indians can take advantage of this policy.Age limit for policy18-65 Years
age limit for childrenCover is given from 3 months to 23 years by including them under the parents’ plan.
Sum Assured MinimumRupee. 1 Lakh
Sum Assured MaximumRs. 1 Cr
policy time1 Year


SBI Accidental Insurance 1000 Rs Details There are some uncertain events in the policy which are excluded from the cover of the plan due to which any kind of physical incidents may occur Cover will also not be provided as it will be against the rules of the bank.

Below are their exclusions that you need to be careful about –

  • Suicide or any kind of physical harm caused intentionally.
  • HIV या AIDS Infection
  • No cover for accidents caused due to alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicant.
  • Accidents occurring while participating in hooliganism or agitation will not be covered.
  • There is no cover in case of war, civil war, invasion, rebellion, revolution, bodily injury caused by foreign enemy etc.
  • nuclear damage
  • Childbirth and pregnancy related complications will not be covered.
  • Accidents resulting from willful participation in any illegal act or any violation or attempt to violate law or resistance to arrest.

Types of cover amount available at different premiums:

The following types of premiums are given for different sum assured in this policy, see the categories below –
Policy cover amount (in Rs lakh)Policy Type (in Rs)
Rs 2 LakhRs 100/-
Rs 4 LakhRs 200/-
Rs 10 LakhRs 500/-
Rs 20 LakhRs 1,000/-

2.) SBI Individual Personal Accident Insurance Plan

An Individual personal Accident plan in SBI General Policy covers death, disability and loss of income of an individual in the event of any accident.

The features of the insurance plan are as follows:

  • This policy covers accidental death and if any accident occurs, the entire premium amount is paid to the policy holder by the company.
  • If you have a savings account or current account in the bank for the policy, you are eligible to take this policy.
  • The coverage provided by the policy ranges from  2 lakh to a maximum of 20 lakh which you can also avail.
  • The premium amount for the policy is very low which you can easily avail and protect yourself.
  • Facilities like education benefit and adaptation allowance are covered to the customer in this policy.
  • There is a mandatory cover on the death of the policy holder due to an accident and other covers like Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability and Temporary Total Disability cover can be availed by the customer as per his wish.

The plan can be taken in any of the following combinations:

  • death in accident
  • Death in Accident + Permanent Total Disability 
  • Death in accident + permanent total disability + permanent disability of any body part
  • Death in accident + permanent total disability + permanent disability of any body part + total disability for some days 

The premium charged depends on the policy cover chosen.

The benefit of Permanent Total Disability is also provided to the customer with the option of Education Benefit and Adaptation Allowance without any charge.

Additional add-ons covered under the policy:

Personal Accidental Policy provides you with two add-on covers which the insured person can opt for by paying additional premium.

1.) Hospitalization Allowance (Hospital Confinement Allowance) – If the policy holder gets injured in an accident, the treatment of which If he is hospitalized, the company will cover the entire treatment period for a maximum of 15 days under the plan chosen by the individual. 1,000 Rs / 2,000 Rs / 3,000 Rs Pays the daily allowance of the policy.

2.) Ambulance Charges including Air Ambulance – Ambulance Charges including Air Ambulance in the policy where the policy holder chooses to take the victim to the hospital in case of an accident. Fees are covered.

If in a serious situation, air ambulance can be used to send the victim from one hospital to another hospital in another country or abroad, its fees are covered in the policy of the holder. But this benefit is 10% of the sum assured of the policy and maximum is Rs 1 lakh. Can get only till.

Eligibility Criteria:

To avail the benefits of the insurance plan, it is important to keep the following parameters in mind –

  • The minimum age to enter the policy should be 18 years and maximum 65 years.
  • Dependent children must be between 3 months to 23 years of age for the policy and are covered under the parent’s policy.
  • If a person takes his policy with a floater plan, then his family is also covered in it i.e. (self, spouse, dependent children, dependent parents and dependent in-laws) are included in the plan.
  • For Accidental Death Sum Assured of Rs 25 lakh and above, a copy of self-attested latest income proof which can be either latest 3 salary slips or Form 16 or Income Tax Return, to be submitted to the company along with the completed application form. Need to be deposited together.

SBI 1000 Rupees Insurance Eligibility conditions for the policy

Entry Age Limit18 years to 65 years
sum assuredRs 2 lakh
Rs 4 lakh
Rs 10 lakh
Rs 20 lakh
policy term1 year
premium amountRs 2 lakh — Rs 100
Rs 4 lakh — Rs 200
Rs 10 lakh — Rs 500
Rs 20 lakhs — Rs 1000s

SBI Personal Accident Insurance Band Kaise Kare

Personal Accidental Policy is available for a period of 1 year. If the customer wishes, he can cancel the plan before the said time which is allowed on proportionate amount of premium.

The range given below indicates the period of risk and the proportionate premium required for the respective period –

duration of riskAnnual Premium Percentage
less than 1 month0.25
1 month to less than 3 months0.5
3 months to less than 6 months0.75
6 months and morefrom 100%

If you have started the policy by committing any kind of fraud (means you have told any kind of lie like not disclosing any secret diseases, any kind of unrelated work) then the company will take care of you in this regard. The policy can also be discontinued. But for this the customer is informed to close the policy 15 days before.

SBI Accidental Insurance Policy Rs 1000 Exclusion

Not every accidental accident is covered in the plan. There are some exceptions which are kept out of the scope of coverage of the plan, the list of these is shown below which you have to be careful about.

  • Attempt to commit suicide, participation in any movement, injury caused by any kind of protest, self-inflicted injury and mental or nervous disorders are excluded from the scope of the cover.
  • No cover for physical accidents caused by participation in actual or attempted felony, riot, crime, misdemeanor or civil commotion.
  • Accidents occurring in war, civil war, invasion, rebellion, revolution, rebellion or land related rebellion in any family are not covered under the policy.
  • Death caused by any animal is not covered.
  • Accidents arising out of any legal conflict are not covered.

SBI Personal Accident Insurance 500 Rs (SBI Personal Accident Insurance 500 Rs )

This is an easy insurance plan which is offered by SBI Bank. SBI Bank offers you an accident cover of Rs 10 lakh per annum for Rs 500, in which this cover amount will be paid in case of total disability or sudden death of the holder. continue to be provided. 

SBI Accidental Insurance How to apply for policy Rs 1000?

  • Customers can request for a call back by entering their details (name, mobile number and email ID) on the company’s official website.
  • Individuals can request to apply for Personal Accidental Plans online through the company’s website by logging into the plan and selecting their preferred plan.
  • If the customer has any kind of question then he can submit his question to the company with the help of website. Can keep and get the solution.

How to buy SBI Accidental Insurance Policy Rs 1000?

How To Buy SBI Accidental Insurance 1000 Rs

1. Buy the policy by visiting the company branch

You can apply for the policy by visiting your nearest SBI bank branch. After going to the branch, an application form will be given to you through the employee, which you have to fill as per your policy.

You will have to fill the forms for any one of the policies shown above, submit the necessary documents along with your policy form and pay the premium as per your policy. After all this work, your policy will be activated by the employee. will be given.

It may take 24 hours for the policy to become operational. After that you can check the policy status by visiting the bank or online from your mobile phone.

2. Through SBI General Agent

There are many agents associated with SBI General Insurance Company who complete the work of selling the policy to the people. To take the policy through the agent, you have to find any agent who is working with your company, then you can stay with the agent. Can buy the policy.

An application form will be given by the agent in which you will have to provide the details required in your insurance policy along with some documents which are necessary to activate the policy.

Along with this, you will also have to pay your premium as much as your premium will be (Remember that no fee has to be paid to the agent, agents work only for the bank, they get their commission, so they do not have to take any kind of fee from the customer. not permitted).

Once the policy is in place, the company will underwrite the application and if everything is found to be in order then the policy is issued.

3. Through SBI Website

Although SBI accident insurance policy cannot be purchased through online, you can make an online request to the company to purchase the plan offline through the company to buy the policy offline.

To arrange a call back from the company, you can visit this a>Go to the portal.

You can fill your policy form through online call back by providing your personal details. After that the company officials will contact you and help you in purchasing SBI accident insurance policy easily.

For Group Personal Accidental Policy, you will have to contact your SBI bank account to apply for the policy.

Documents required to buy SBI Accident Insurance Plan

To buy SBI Accident Free you have to share the following proof given below –

  • identity certificate
  • age proof
  • address proof
  • I Certificate
  • passport photo
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card

How to claim under SBI Accident Insurance Policy?

In this SBI Accidental Insurance 1000 Rs article, we will walk you through the process to successfully claimunder SBI Accident Insurance policies. It is explained further.

Documents required to make claim

To fully avail the claim you will have to share the following documents –

  • SBI Accident Insurance Claim Form
  • Policy Contract
  • Police FIR
  • Corona investigation report in case of death
  • Panchnama
  • Identity proof of the insured
  • Hospital and medical reports
  • police investigation report
  • Doctor’s report for disability claim
  • disability certificate proof
  • death certificate
  • Any other document required by SBI General Insurance Company

Should you contact immediately at the time of road accident?

If you have a road accident, then in that situation you can get the following help –

  • If you have an accident on a National Highway, then in this situation you can contact 1033 Number During a National Highway Accident here But you can get help immediately.
  • If you want to call an ambulance on the road for any kind of help, then for this you can contact 102 Number (Pan India Ambulance) Can do.
  • To get help from Local Police, you can take help through 100 Number.

Will I get personal accident cover in case of an accident in the field?

Yes, if the insured person dies in the field or at any other place, then the insurance holder receives the cover amount of the policy selected. With this, if the holder suffers from any serious illness while farming, he can get it covered in his policy.

But the holder should not have consumed any kind of intoxicant before death, in this case the holder will not get the cover.

How much personal accident cover should I take?

If you are the only person in your family who handles household expenses and other financial related tasks, then you should definitely take personal accident cover. An expert and my 4 years of experience suggest that you should take an accident policy of 20Xof your salary.

So that if you meet with any accident for some reason, you can easily survive with the money from your policy.

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